Your project will be incorporated to a business center of 10,000 square meters with eight years of operation, which has had more than 100 companies and currently housing about 40 projects from technology sectors: ICT, CRO, Biotech, Chemistry , Agriculture, Logistics


We offer co-working spaces, fully furnished private offices from 12 sq m. and fully equipped scientific laboratories from 15 sq m.

Our turnkey services include:

  • 24/365 reception and night surveillance rounds.
  • Redundant 100Mb Internet via optical fiber or radio link.
  • Pre-installed land line.
  • supplies (water, climate, internet, gas, electricity).
  • Daily cleaning. waste removal.
  • Basic furniture to start the activity from the first day of your incorporation.
  • 200 m2 of meeting rooms, different sizes and capacities, all of them equipped with audiovisual media. Training room for 34 people. Boardroom for 22 people.
  • Vending and dining room with terrace.
  • 140 parking spaces for permanent members and visitors.
  • Commuter train station at a five minute walk away.
  • Next to a residential area with high commercial activity, plenty of restaurants, lodging, and leisure.


We´ve been running the first bio-incubator for businesses in the Madrid area for eight years.

Bioincubator consists of a) private pre-equipped (furnishings, stack, fume hood, PVC floor and laboratory gases) laboratories for companies and b) a set of technical spaces and rooms to share equipped with instrument. (cell culture, cold room, dark room, nitrogen room, etc…)

S2B Bioincubator is fully equipped with scientific instruments and main technical processes, basic to any biotech company.

Our set of equipment and facilities to share include:

  • Eukaryotic cell culture.
  • Prokaryotic cell culture.
  • Washing and sterilizing equipment.
  • 4 ° C room, cryopreservation service -80ºC, and liquid N2.
  • Darkroom and photo documentation services.
  • Service animal house for different species.
  • Clean-room in preparation.
  • Laboratory gases and dry ice.
  • Basic laboratory equipment for biotechnology and chemistry: balances, pH meters, stirrers, water baths, centrifuges, microscopy, spectrophotometers, electrophoresis, flow cytometry, liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, pure water production, lyophilization, rheometer, etc.

This set of equipment and techniques S2B offers to your project is enhanced by the agreements and cross-collaboration that spontaneously occur between companies, enriching the range of services and equipment to which you have access when you settle your company at our facilities.